Islands in the Sun October 25th, 2015

“…the struggle is real BUT hope lives on…”

On October 25th 2015, Remilda Rose Designs will be showcasing their much anticipated Spring/Summer 2016 Collection themed "Island in the Sun", at Super Club Breezes at 5p.m.. For this collection Remilda Rose’s Gillian Curry-Williams has vied to utilize this season’s platform to simultaneously expand the culture of fashion in the Bahamas whilst shedding light on one of the most horrific and relenting diseases in the world, Cancer.

Cancer is no stranger to The Bahamas. It has knocked on many of our doors presenting an equally unpredictable and treacherous fight that some have fought and won, though others have fought and lost. Mrs. Curry-Williams has experienced both sides of that fight through her families personal fight to overcome this disease - two of her aunts have battled cancer, one of whom is now cancer free while the other passed, an uncle also passed and now her father has recently joined the fight against rectal cancer. Sadly, this experience is also shared by her husband who has also endured the pain of having his mother succumb to cancer.The person battling cancer only wants two things: to Fight for their lives and to Win the battle in the process.

With CANCER being ever so present in our lives and in our communities, Remilda Rose Designs has decided to dedicate a portion of the proceeds from the “Island in the Sun” Spring\Summer 2016 show to the Cancer Society of the Bahamas, due to their countless efforts to build and expand cancer awareness and research nationwide whilst providing spiritual, physical and mental support, as well as providing a “home away from home” for the patients from our family islands. The struggle is real…. But so is Hope and it is with that Hope that we believe and know that in time the fight against cancer will inevitably become the triumph over cancer.

Thus, Remilda Rose Designs has decided to host the show under the gracious patronage of Mrs. LovernWildgoose, the President of the Cancer Society. In addition to a portion of this season’s proceeds being donated to the Cancer Society of The Bahamas they have also taken some of the colours associated with the various types of cancer such as the Grape Purple which represents the “Care Giver”; the Pineapple Yellow for Sarcoma; the Strawberry Pink for Breast Cancer, among others and have incorporated them into a print that will be used in this season’s designs. As well, in keeping with their Brand Profile of “Embracing, Embellishing, Empowering the beauty of every woman”, they will also be using five (5) women who have either won their battle over cancer or are currently going through treatment to model in the show.

Needless to say, this event is most definitely not one to be missed.



For more information please contact:
Gillian Curry Williams- Designer
Remilda Rose Designs
Phone:(242) 676-2872